Questions to ask your next Property Manager.

Questions to ask your next Property Manager.

As the Property Management industry becomes more and more saturated, how do you sort through the abundance of options to find the right fit for you? At All County Alliance, we have come up with some pertinent questions to ask your Property Manager and clues to look for so you know you are making the right choice.

  1. Do your research

Before you schedule a call or meeting with a property manager, do some research. Look for reviews, social media postings and mentions online. You want to get a company that knows your community. Honestly, there is no need to hire a Property Manager that does not know where to find your home!

Here are some links to All County Alliance’s social media accounts; Google, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


  1. Schedule some appointments

Now that you have sorted through and have a few remaining selections, start scheduling appointments. Pay close attention to the companies you call and their customer service. Do they answer the phones professionally? Does the Property Manager call you back when they say they will? Are their questions to you relevant to renting out your property?

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  1. Ask more questions!

Ask about Tenant screenings. How are tenants verified? Do tenants only go through a background check or does the property management company verify previous residence, employment etc.?

What is the current eviction rate for your company?

How do you determine the rental price for the property?

How often is the property inspected during vacancy and occupancy?


  1. Look at the rates being charged.

Read through the management agreement and identify all the charges you are responsible for. Is the fee structure clear and precise?  Hidden fees for items such as vacancy, advertising, maintenance charges, internet marketing, photography, accounting etc. can add up quickly!  Do you have options in the type of management packages you choose?

Check out our package options here!

The questions to ask your next Property Manager could go on forever. You should identify the most relevant questions to your situation and get those answered first. Following these tips can make finding the right company to handle your investment easy.